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Recipes by:  Morales, Bonnie Frumkin. Kachka . Flatiron Books. Kindle Edition.


Russian food is one of the most diverse and fascinating in the world. It developed over hundreds of years, incorporating Christianity and the changes that it brought, as well culinary traditions.


Due to the cold weather that lasted up to nine months in some areas, Russians prepared their winter food in advance, during the summer, making various preserves, pickles, jams, and salted, dried or smoked meat and fish. In Soviet times, when store shelves were often empty, many Russians relied on the pickled fruit and vegetables that they had grown themselves at their country plots. Many of those preserved foods remain popular icons of Russian cuisine.


Russian cuisine is one of the most authentic in the world. It has been formed under the influence of severe climate and abundant national traditions. This cuisine was born not under the palace vaults, but in houses of common modest people who had to feed large families. This is why traditional Russian dishes are nourishing and cooked of the cheapest and available ingredients. Nevertheless, this cuisine cannot be called poor and unvaried as its gustatory combinations can astonish even the most demanding gourmand.


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