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Food dehydrating allows you to concentrate the flavors and preserve the nutrients and enzymes of fruit, vegetables, herbs and many other specialty foods. The process of removing the water contained in foods reduces their weight and size and creates a concentrated source for calories, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Dehydrating also extends the storage time of the food. Microbes that spoil food need water to proliferate. Water is removed by dehydrating and therefore, foods stay fresher longer and can last up to 1-2 years or longer with air tight storage. If you are a gardener, buy foods in bulk or just enjoy eating healthy, a food dehydrator will help you preserve your food to be used in a variety of different ways.

Dehydrating is simple, easy and provides many benefits. Foods have intense flavor and lose minimal nutrients. Foods last for a long time without preservatives and can be taken on hiking trips, used as snacks and made a part of a complete meal. No refrigeration is needed and any jar or closeable bag can be used to store the food. Store bought dehydrated food is expensive and full of additives and sweeteners. Dry food yourself and save money and avoid all the chemical additives.


Dry your fruits, vegetables and herbs until extra dry. Place them in your blender and pulverize them into a flour like consistency. Add fruit powders to your baked goods, puddings, whipped creams, yogurts and beverages. Add powdered vegetables like onions, celery and tomato to soups, salads and egg dishes. Mix them with water, milk or juices and they make great natural baby foods. Convert dried herbs into flavorful blended vinegars, herb salts and seasoning mixes.


Make your own powerful nutritious energy bars with rolled oats, chunks of dried fruit, yogurt, honey, coconut, and nuts. Trial mix can be enjoyed anytime a satisfying and nutritious snack is desired. Combine granola, kiwi fruit, papaya, mango, peaches, pears, plums, apples and pieces of fruit leathers and yogurt taffy. Use your imagination and personal tastes to develop the recipe you like best.


Dough art is great for hanging ornaments, party favors and special occasions. The dehydrator uses even heat and lower temperatures that prevents cracking and browning that may occur when you use a conventional hot oven.

Store bought dehydrated foods may have additives such as preservatives, sweeteners  and artificial colors. Make it yourself and have a fresh and healthy dehydrated product without the chemical and artificial additives. 

Save money! Store bought dehydrated fruits, vegetables, jerky's and herbs can cost up to $40 - $50 per lb. or more. Make your favorite foods yourself at a fraction of the cost.

Preserve and dehydrate all types of vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, herbs, nuts, grains and dairy products.

Make trail mix and meat jerky's.

Dry fruits, vegetables and herbs and pulverize into a powder for flavorings to meals, desserts, beverages and as toppings.

Make crafts such as macramé beads and dough art.

Make dry cake decorations.

Dry pumpkin and other vegetable seeds.

Make nutritious snacks such as fruit and yogurt rolls.

Use your imagination for many more uses!


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