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Recipes by:  Bastianich, Lidia Matticchio. Lidia's Favorite Recipes: 100 Foolproof Italian Dishes, from Basic Sauces to Irresistible Entrées [Kindle Edition] (p. 2). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Italian food is more than just pizza and spaghetti.  There’s a wide range of ingredients, flavors, and dishes to experiment with in your own home.  Italian food is bold and satisfying without being heavy.  It’s rich and textural and uses a whole palette of flavors.  Enjoying Italian cuisine is more experiential, not intellectual.  It comes from a more emotional place that’s very evocative.


Remember that good Italian food starts with the shopping.  Make quality ingredients a priority when you’re bringing Italian cuisine to your kitchen.  When you find a dish that you love, stick with it. Practice until you can do it with your heart and hands only, just like the Italians do.  Once that dish is perfected, move on to a new one or a new technique and soon you’ll have a slew of delicious meals at your disposal.


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